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Author: Prof. Samani Riju PragyaSarika Surana
Category: Monograph
Released: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 98
125 (Inclusive all of Taxes)

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Karma Siddhanta is the cornerstone of Jaina darshan. Almost all religions accept the existence of karma. Some people call karma destiny, some people consider karma to be an invisible force. Some people believe that God gives us the same fruits as we have done. Overall, it can be said that, by which the living being entity becoming dependent, is karma. Because of this karma, this living being is suffering many physical, mental sorrows in this world. The relationship of karma with the living being has been going on since time immemorial. From this monograph, the author compared karma to modern science and explained it scientifically according to Jain philosophy where the process of 1) Jiva (soul) 2) Ajiva (non-living matter) 3) Punya (results of good deeds) 4) Paap (results of bad deeds) 5) Asrava (influx of karmas) 6) Samvar (stoppage of karmas) 7) Bandh (bondage of karmas) 8) Nirjara (eradication of karmas) 9) Moksha (liberation) can be easily understood. The author also describes how one rids oneself, of the karmic particles already accumulated, thus attaining liberation.
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