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Author: Prof. Samani Riju PragyaDr. Samani Shreyas Pragya
Category: Monograph
Released: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 104
125 (Inclusive all of Taxes)

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The role of Jain Logicians has always been that of an on-going judge. They always enriched with the medium of reviewing these earlier principles and revising and purifying their earlier beliefs, where necessary. Jain Acharyas explains all the main part of Nyaya, i.e., Praman, Prameya, Pramata, Pramiti, etc. from Anekantic View Point. This helps in establishing the coordination among all philosophies. Therefore, Jain Nyaya did not remain constant, but continued to move and continued to flourish, develop and prosper. The present Monograph ‘Jain Doctorine of Nyaya’ is a small step understanding the distinctive concept of Jain Logic.
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