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Author: Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Category: Monograph
Released: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 128
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Jain philosophy is based on a concept of ‘many-sidedness’ – anekānta-vāda or, more usually, Anekant. Truth (Existent) is expressed in many ways One cannot make definite statement about Truth or Existent; each statement is true in its own limited sense. To understand the nature of Existent, one requires the vision of seeing an entity from all direction which is Anekantvada. The basis of anekant is the idea that truth or underlying reality has multiple aspects and can be approached from an apparently infinite variety of standpoints – nyayas. Different people think about different aspects of the same reality and therefore their partial findings are contradictory to one another. Hence, they indulge in debates claiming that each of them was completely true. The Jain philosophers thought over this conflict and tried to reveal the whole truth. They established the theory of non-absolutistic standpoint (Anekantavada) with its two wings, Nayavada and Syadvada. Proper understanding of the co- existence of mutually opposing groups through these principles rescues us from conflicts. Through this monograph, the author has presented various dimensions of the Anekant theory in a very clear and simple manner.
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