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Author: Dr. Samani Shreyas PragyaDr. Samani Amal Pragya
Category: Monograph
Released: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 68
125 (Inclusive all of Taxes)

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Jain Metaphysics give a realistic concept of Reality or Sat. Amongst the multitude of philosophies Jain philosophy provides answer to these question that appear simple yet logical and convincing. According to Jain metaphysics the universe is an uncreated entity that has always been in existence and shall always be there. There was neither any beginning of the universe nor is there going to be any end. In other words, the universe was neither created at any time nor will it be destroyed, there being no origin in the past nor any end in the future. Since the universe was never created, the question of creation or a creator does not arise. Through this monograph, the author, while presenting the concept of philosophy of reality in various Indian philosophies, has presented the concept of reality in Jainism very clearly and simply.
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