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Author: Dr. Sadhvi Chaitanya Prabha
Category: Monograph
Released: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 108
125 (Inclusive all of Taxes)

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Ayushya Karma is the lifespan determining karma of a soul caught in the unending cycle of misery (births and deaths). The seed of rebirth is sown due to the Mithyatva (False perception) accumulated from infinite lifetimes. The Ayushya karma for the next life is decided only once in each life time; specifically, when two thirds of your current life has passed.Depending upon its effects, some may live short lives while others may live longer. Ayushya Karma is built by engaging in violent activities and taking the lives of others. Ayushya Karma can be shed by showing compassion towards everybody. Once all of our Ayushya(Lifespan determining) Karma have been shed off completely, our soul attains liberation(Moksha). In this state, the soul becomes immortal and is never reborn. Through this monograph, the author has presented the concept of Ayushya by analyzing the basis of different karmic forms.
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